A Chinese Car Company Copied The Design Of Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover has a lot of enthusiasts. So many people love to drive and collect old and new types of this car. However, when something becomes popular it’s normal for its copycats to pop up one after another. One example of this car is the one which has been manufactured in China. As we all know, China is famous for its copycat industries, starts from major brands and even to the cartoons that kids in other countries love to watch every day on TV. Therefore, it’s not surprising to also find out that this country copied the design of the famous Range Rover car. Apart from that, if you want to rent a good Range Rover car for your trip, then we recommend you to only rent it from a trustworthy range rover hire company in your city.

The Chinese automotive company, Landwind, cheated the design of the premium SUV Range Rover Evoque. The car with the name Landwind X7 was made so similar to the Range Rover, which is believed to be an effort to “cut the lane” to be known without hard work.

As quoted by the Autoevolution page, X7 made its debut in the Guangzhou Auto Show automotive show in China. Can be seen from the figure, X7 cheat almost all Evoque designs, ranging from the form of rear lights, rear door spoilers, to most of the interior.

Most manufacturers from China often mimic all-out vehicle designs from other large manufacturers, especially from Europe. Although this action is rarely carried out by large companies, small manufacturers still often send “spies” to various prestigious automotive titles.

The X7 Landwind itself is called equipped with a 2.0 turbo engine that can produce power up to 190Hp. This strength is equivalent to the diesel version of the Range Rover SUV. While the price is actually three times cheaper than the Evoque.

This is also not the first time the design of a Range Rover used by Chinese manufacturers. Previously, the Range Rover Sport was also copied by the name Gonow GX6.

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