Have You Ever Heard About Condotel?

You must have heard the term condotel, which stands for condominium hotel. One important thing that we want to inform you is that investment in condotel is an investment with relatively high prices and it is also a long-term type. However, it is not an obstacle but an opportunity because sales prices are increasingly skyrocketing over time. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a good condo instead, you may take a look at the Parc Clematis condo showflat.

Initially, we need to know in advance what is called condotel. From the outside, we can see that Condotel is a vertical building consisting of room units, just like an apartment. In the room, there are room facilities, kitchen, living room, and other facilities such as those in the apartment. Usually, this condotel offers facilities that are more or less the same as star hotels, such as karaoke places, restaurants, meeting rooms, and so on. This room unit will be purchased by someone called an investor, then he may rent it to others. Additionally, if you want to buy a nice condo, you can check out Parc Clematis condo showflat.

The difference between Condotel and apartment lies in its management. In Condotel investments, investors will buy a room unit, then rent it to consumers and the management is handed over to the Condotel management, and it’s not handed over to the owner like an apartment. The difference between Condotel and hotel is ownership. The owner of a condotel unit is someone who is then referred to as an investor. They will also have the opportunity to stay in the room for free. Whereas units in hotel rooms are not sold to someone but are rented out to customers or guests who stay overnight. Aside from that, if you need a good condo for your investment, perhaps the Parc Clematis might suit your needs.

As for its location, although land prices always skyrocket every year, we still need to pay attention to the location where the condotel was built. As with investments in other types of property, the location is the main factor to consider. The easiest way you can do is go to the location directly and ask what spatial plans are in the area. This will affect the price prediction and the level of profit that will be obtained.

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