How To Improve Air Quality Inside The House

Most of us will assume that pollution from vehicle exhaust fumes and factory smoke is the biggest danger to human health, therefore staying indoors is the right choice to avoid this danger. However, did you know that indoor air can be more dangerous than outdoor air? One part of our house that we often overlooked is the crawl space. We think that by adding ventilation to the crawl space then it will have good airflow and no moisture build-up but the truth is the contrary. Well-encapsulated crawl space will improve the air quality in your home because most of the moisture that comes from the ground would go up and the polluted air that contains mold and mildew spores will seep through the cracks and become a danger to your health and your house construction. That is why a service like a crawl space encapsulation columbia sc is needed to give better air quality inside the house.

Humans will spend almost 90% of their time in the room, such as work, play, study and rest. In this situation, the air that is inhaled for respiration and human health depends on the air quality in the room. Contamination of air in the room can come from outdoor pollution through doors and windows. Whereas, from inside the room, room contamination can come from the emission of interior equipment such as carpets, wall paint, composite wood and from occupant activities such as kitchen smoke, cigarettes, bio-fluent (sweat) or even invisible mold and mildew originating from the crawling room.

Residents in the room will breathe air containing a mixture of pollutants. At a concentration of pollutants that exceeds the threshold of human health, it can cause initial symptoms such as headaches, sore eyes, nose, and sneezing. Symptoms of health problems caused may be due to the quality of unhealthy building space. To avoid this, what needs to be considered is the fresh air circulation of the room through natural openings or ventilation and well-encapsulated crawl space.

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