How to Maintain Ignition Key

Cars are the vehicles that we find the most on the streets and many types of cars. If we are negligent, maybe the car key can be damaged or even lost and need to call broken lock repair service. Car keys require maintenance to last a long time and can be used well, especially for old school cars. Many people who do not pay attention to their ignition keys are loose and easily released, and ultimately even troublesome users.
In order for similar things not to happen, it’s best to do ignition maintenance regularly. How to care for the ignition so that it doesn’t lose quickly is very easy, it only takes a few minutes without draining a long time. Caring for a car’s ignition so it doesn’t lose doesn’t need to be too often, just do it 3 or 4 months
Close the lock cover
cars with the year of manufacture 2012 and above are usually equipped with a key cover. So close the lock when it’s not in use so that the keyhole doesn’t get water or dust. Because water and dust entering the keyhole can make the inside of the keyhole damaged or rusty and later interfere with its use.
Spray lubricating liquid
Lubricate the contact key by spraying penetrant liquid or you can also use fluids such as WD-40. This will keep the ignition functioning normally, but do not use used oil that can contaminate the key.
Don’t force a stuck lock
don’t force the ignition when it suddenly jams. This will later make the keyhole broken and loose. If the lock is stuck, drop a small amount of lubricant or oil and wait a few minutes while turning the key in the ON and OFF position.
Use a key chain that is not too heavy
the key chain usually helps you find the key more easily when you forget to put it, but the hanger on the key that is too heavy will make the hole lose. Remembering a heavy load as a key chain can provide key pressing power to the key house.

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