Know More About Micropile

A pile is a foundation that utilizes a pole that is attached to the ground as a buffer for its main load. Making a pile foundation is done by uniting the base which is located under the construction and foundation support. The principle of work is to hold orthogonal forces (perpendicular) to the pole of the pole through absorption of the bending that arises.

Usually, the method of implementing a pile foundation is done by using a diesel hammer. This is a kind of hammer that is powered by diesel. The working system is that this tool will hit the stake several times until the pole is perfectly inserted into the hard soil layer. Unfortunately, this process also has a negative impact on the surrounding environment such as causing vibration and noise. Please note, the specifications of existing piles in the market depend on the manufacturer of the manufacturer. If you are looking for micropile or ไมโครไพล์, you can visit our website to get the best quality.

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