Make a Child-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is an important part of the house. Not only a place to cook, but not infrequently also a place where families can eat together and chat with each other. Without realizing it, various light activities are often carried out in the kitchen. Including playing with children, while doing cooking activities. Therefore, you need to make a child-friendly kitchen so that it is safer when children are active there. You can get the best cabinet on cabinets bakersfield.

Because of a lot of objects that are quite dangerous in the kitchen. Call it a knife, stove, various cooking utensils, and other sharp tools. Of course, it would be very risky if children at home often wandered in the kitchen. Because forbidding them from going to the kitchen, certainly not a wise thing right? So to make the kitchen safer, it’s good to make a child-friendly kitchen. To make it happen, there are some tips that can be applied:

– Put a sharp object in a hidden place
Placing sharp and dangerous objects carelessly is certainly not the right way to arrange a child-friendly kitchen. Moreover, the age of children generally has a high enough curiosity. So it’s good that sharp and dangerous kitchen appliances are stored well in a hidden place. Not only knives, scissors and sharp objects of the like, but tableware made from fragments should also be stored in a hidden place. Considering these items can break and hurt the child.

– Put the stove in a place that is difficult for children to reach
Stoves and gas cylinders are dangerous objects and need to be kept out of reach of children. In addition to putting stoves and gas cylinders in a place that is difficult to reach for children, you can also install a safety guard on the stove such as a stove guard or knob cover. The safety function is to avoid the possibility of children using and rotating the stove carelessly.

– Choose Kid Friendly Furniture and Kitchen Equipment
Keep the kitchen floor so it is not slippery so that children do not slip easily. The choice of furniture and kitchen equipment should you pay attention to the ingredients. Avoid using tools made from glass, glass or plastic that are not environmentally friendly. Given that materials that are not environmentally friendly can also cause disease.

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