The Cleaning And Drainage Process Are Important In Road Constructions

The land designated for road construction certainly has a variety of conditions. Some are only covered with grass, but many are packed with shrubs and trees. For this reason, the cleaning work must be done. The cleaning work includes cutting down trees, cleaning the bushes and digging the roots of the plants so they don’t grow back. Apart from that, you may want to try the cbr test to check the strength of your road thoroughly.

The wild grass should not be thrown away. The wild grass can be used to cover the shoulder of the road. If the grasses can later grow well, then the grass will function as a protective erosion, especially in the sloping area and shoulder of the road.

This cleaning work does not only apply to plants, but also to large chunks of rock and disrupts the construction of roads. Bumps of the stones are moved by being pushed, or broken so that they become small stones. Often the job of cleaning these stones takes a long time and a lot of energy.

After cleaning, sometimes stages of soil surface removal are needed. Especially in flood areas that have mud deposits and river valleys. Disposal of this land surface is needed so that the soil surface has a good carrying capacity for road construction.

Besides cleaning, drainage on the road plays an important role in maintaining road durability. Because water can damage the road by sweeping the surface of the road or so-called erosion and reducing the carrying capacity of the road. That’s why it’s very important to build a good drainage system.

The drainage system on the highway must support so that water can flow out from the road surface, the roadside can accommodate water flow from the road surface, waterways on the outside of the road that can hold water so that it does not enter the road, and in the form of culverts under the road that flows water across the road.

In addition to good waterways, erosion on the highway can also be prevented by establishing water retaining dikes. This water retaining dike has the function of reducing the flow of water and holding mud. Sewers are also needed so the road has the certainty of making outside the channels on the road.

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