The Reason Why You Should Take The KET A2 English Test

A2 Key, also known as the KET or Key English Test, is the lowest level of General English exam in Cambridge English. You have to able to communicate in basic English in everyday situations for a2 english test. There’s also A2 Key for Schools (KETfS) which is at the same level as A2 Key and leads to the same international certification. The exam content is targeted at the experiences and interests of schoolchildren.

For those who don’t have an idea of why should take the KET exam, the reason below will help you out.

The Reason Why You Should Take the KET A2 English Test in The Future

If you have done about 250 hours of study or practice and can write, speak and understand basic English, you should take the Key English Test or KET. This A2 English test is the first step to help you in building your English language skills for study or work in the future.

You should be able to ask and answer questions about yourself and others, understand instructions and announcements when people speak clearly and slowly. You should also be able to tell people what you think about something you hear or read to take this exam.

What is the exam format of KET? You can find there are three parts to the A2 English exam. You will do the listening or reading and writing on the same day. Then, you might return to do the speaking exam on a different day. For the speaking exam, you will do the speaking test with two examiners and one other exam candidate.

That’s the reason why should take the KET A2 English test in the future. So, you need to prepare the basic skills of English to take the Key English Test or KET and to pass it easily with a good grade.

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