These Are 5 Effective Tips To Make Your Selfies Look Cooler

The activity of photographing yourself or what is known as a ‘selfie’ is being loved by many people. Not only women, but the men also helped enliven this new phenomenon. Selfie photos can be seen scattered on social networks. One of the famous selfies is when comedian Ellen DeGeneres poses for a selfie with celebrities at the 2014 Academy Awards. Don’t want to lose to exist with famous selfies? These tips can be followed if you want to get good and interesting selfies, even if you don’t take pictures with famous celebrities. Apart from that, you might want to check out the company of photo booth rental san diego near San diego if you need to provide excellent photo booths for your parties.

Here are 5 the tips for you:

1. Prepare yourself

One of the main things to do a selfie is to make sure your appearance is attractive. Especially for facial and hair make-up. Because of that, re-examining the appearance needs to be done before being happy with the camera.

2. Ensure good lighting

When doing a selfie, good lighting is needed. You can’t show off make-up, hair, and a good appearance with less lighting because it won’t look good.

But what needs to be considered, do not use lighting that is too bright or dark.

3. Select the photo background

Another important element for producing selfies is a clean background. Selfies won’t be good if you do it in a dirty or messy room.

For that, you should always check the surrounding environment when doing selfies. Photo backgrounds such as brightly colored walls and textured curtains can be an option.

4. Make as many selfies as possible

The more photos you take, the more photos you can choose. This also often happens when doing selfies, in order to get the best results. So don’t be afraid if you have to do as many selfies as possible, so you can choose the best photo results.

5. Be Confident

Never be shy about doing selfies. Don’t be embarrassed to be silly, so the photos will be interesting. Therefore, you must be confident and have fun. This will affect the results of the photos.

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