These Are Some Yoga Poses That Beginners Can Do At Home

As a beginner, you must master the correct way to sit. Good sitting movements in yoga are sitting cross-legged with an upright body position, chest swelled forward, head raised up and relaxed. The Seated Yoga Pose movement aims to strengthen muscles and relax the body. Meanwhile, you should Click and read health yoga DVD review if you wish to know more about Yoga.

Standing Yoga Pose

The next yoga movement is Standing Yoga Pose. In order to do this exercise, first, you take a standing position and then open your legs adequately. Raise your right leg facing up to an angle of 45 degrees, then your right-hand reaches for the right foot. Rest with your left foot while straight next to your foot, while your left hand is pointing straight ahead. Try your eyes must also follow the direction of the left hand. This movement is good for forming your body and helps stretch the body on the front such as shoulders, abdomen, chest, and hips.

Child pose

To do this Child Pose movement, you can first do it by taking a sitting position, then leaning forward so your thighs and head can touch the floor. Then, reach forward and count for a few seconds. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, hold for about two minutes. This yoga movement for beginners is very simple but you will feel more effects than the previous movements, which are breathing apparatus, as stretching your hips, quadriceps, and back.

Back Pain Pose

This movement is very useful to train the back muscles and help heal injuries to the back muscles. This movement begins with sleeping on your back, then bend your legs while gently lifting your buttocks to form an angle of 450 degrees. Place your hands on your left side and legs in a relaxed position. The Back Pain Pose movement is useful for making the bones straight and upright as well as preventing the body from bending because the spine is trained by bending in the opposite direction to our daily habits.

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