Use Headhunter Service To Save Cost

Many businesses are still hesitant to use the service of headhunter thailand because they think it will cost them too much. Headhunter is a consulting service that is trusted by companies to find top professionals or senior executives with specific and specific expertise to occupy certain positions in a company. The definition confirms that Headhunter is a service provider company that is not looking for workers in a general field but who is more specific or specialized and experienced such as top professionals or senior executives.

Usually, the headhunter takes a fee from the candidate’s total gross salary a year, which is around 15-20%. But the method cannot be equated just like that, because each method has its advantages and disadvantages, especially the headhunter company is a company whose main goal is also to seek profit from the needs of a professional workforce. The biggest benefit of companies that use the service of a headhunter is they can save up to 60% of total expenditure on recruitment activities. So, even if it looks like a big cost, it is actually could help you save cost in the long term.

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