You Can Do These Tips To Choose Cork Coasters

Both in interior and online stores, cork-made coasters are commonly found. However, it will be seen that the price from one cork coaster to another cork coaster is quite varied. At first glance it does look the same, but what are the differences? Besides that, how can you choose the right one? In this article, we will summarize the points that you need to pay attention to! Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more durable promotional coasters, you may check out the best stone coasters.

Choose based on size and thickness

The benefits felt when using a cork coaster will differ depending on the size and thickness. Therefore, you should not choose only based on low prices. Let’s examine each cork coaster more thoroughly.

Adjust the cork coaster to the size of your cup

Let’s adjust the size of the cork coaster with your glass or cup. Usually, the coasters have a size that is not too far from the size of most glasses, which is about 9 cm in diameter or more. This can be a starting point for you in choosing the right coasters.

Pay attention to the thickness of your glass base

The thickness of the cork coaster generally measures 0.5 mm to 3 mm. If the thickness is less, the cork will feel thin, easily brittle, and less able to absorb water. On the other hand, cork coasters thicker than 3 mm or more make your glass appear taller when placed on it. If you have no problem with this, a thick cork coaster is very good to compliment your dining table. As long as you still pay attention to thickness and height. Don’t let your glass fall and break on the table.

Check how much thickness before buying. In addition, as well as its size, you can also adjust its thickness by custom order to a trusted manufacturer.

Choose based on the shape

The shape of a cork coaster that you often see in stores usually has two common shapes, which are round and square. Both forms are considered the most stable and easy to use for arranging glasses and cups.

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