You Must Choose The Best Airlines If You Must Travel With Mobility Scooter

If you are traveling with your parents who need mobility scooter for activities, you should choose to use an airline that offers excellent service. According to the stories of the passengers, cheap airlines tend to be less friendly to prospective passengers who have to carry an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter into the plane. In the meantime, if you wish to find out more about the other mobility scooters, you may read more about them at the trusted scooter vendor website.

Remove the battery, wrap it in bubble wrap, and store it in your luggage

This must be obeyed. You should not carry the battery in the position attached to your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, or stored in the trunk of an airplane. Wrap the battery in a bubble wrap and store it in your hand luggage, so it’s easy to remove if you have to show the battery to the airport clerk or airline clerk.

Batteries wrapped in bubble wrap are considered to be safe and will not suddenly cause shorting or splashing fire. The main reason you are not allowed to put the battery in the trunk of an airplane is to minimize the possibility of a fire in the trunk. If there is a fire, the incident will be immediately detected by the passengers and other flight crew and can be immediately addressed.

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